The Infinite Monkey Cage

Q: What happens when science and comedy collides?

We visited the Large Hadron Collider, and sent them both in opposite directions around the 27km donut, to discover the answer is an explosion of awesomeness called The Infinite Monkey Cage.

Professor Brian Cox, and comedian Robin Ince have returned for another season of fact based fun!

Probably the best way to learn, and understand the sciences is to make it fun. Be it the evolution of man or quantum theory, these guys make it fun and easier to understand.

With a huge back catalogue, there is a multitude of topics to get your teeth into, if you just want to pick and choose. Or you can go full geek and binge away until your brain melts and oozes from your ears.

The Infinite Monkey Cage should be available on whichever player you use. If not then click this handy link to the infinite BBC.


Want some more fact based comedy? Take a look at No Such Thing As A Fish. Or for some straight up laugh out loud try The Wynabego Warrior and The Magic Tavern, via these handily placed picture links!


Would you like to get to know the people who make these wonderful audio dramas? Then why not check out my interview posts by clicking the ‘Behind the Mic’ picture link below.

I have also just started a series of posts documenting the history of audio drama which can be found by clicking on the following link.


3 thoughts on “The Infinite Monkey Cage

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