Without a doubt, one of the most popular audio dramas of 2015, and rightly so. Here we are, the middle of 2016, and there is still an amazing buzz across the social media networks.

A young reporter delves into the mysterious disappearance of an entire town full of people.

Limetown, Tennessee, was built entirely for the research of a top secret scientific project. The details and extent of which, slowly unfolds, and with a very high cost.

The show reminds me of the likes of X-Files, and 4400, but without the extra terrestrial twist; and when there are no ET’s, then it’s always the mad scientist!

Season one was complete, in December 2015, and as yet no news on a season two, six months on, which is a real shame. I’ve heard some whispers, but I’m not one for gossip. When Zac’s ready, I’m sure we will all hear about it.

Limetown is an amazing modern day Frankenstein!

Find out more about the show, and where to listen at The Limetown website.


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