The Lift

A wonderful array of spine chilling stories from many different authors. All linked together by virtue of an old dilapidated building, and the haunting spirit of a nine year old girl named Victoria.

Each episode is a stand alone story, that follows some unsuspecting soul as they stumble into the building, and into their own self induced nightmare.

Most that enter never see the light of day again, but a few are freed from their inner torment to appreciate the precious life they have once more.

This show is like a cross between the campfire ghost stories we told as kids, and the Twilight Zone.

A wonderfully endearing show. Go and listen before bedtime!

To check out this wonderful show follow this link to Victoria’s Lift.


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Would you like to get to know the people who make these wonderful audio dramas? Then why not check out my interview posts by clicking the ‘Behind the Mic’ picture link below.

I have also just started a series of posts documenting the history of audio drama which can be found by clicking on the following link.


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