No Such Thing As A Fish

I’ve been concentrating on those ‘casts that are fresh out of the blocks, so this time I want to give a big shoutout to an old school pod favourite.

So Long And Thanks For All The Fish…oops…I mean, No Such Thing As A Fish, has been going for just over two years, and is put together on a weekly basis by the QI elves.

To the uninitiated they are the guys and girls that research the wierd and wonderful facts used on the TV show QI, hosted by the amazingly amazing Stephen Fry.

Ever wondered where the expression ‘blowing smoke up your arse’ came from? It wasn’t always an expression for insincere ego inflating. The elves know it all, and what they don’t know ain’t worth knowing.

These are the sort of facts that will blow your friends away while you’re at dinner parties, or the local on a Friday night. It will have them rolling in the aisles!

If you love fact based fun, then you will love this show.

You can find the show at or on Twitter.

The elves have recently been elevated to the dizzying heights of television, and can be found on BBC2 on Friday’s 11pm. On the BBC Iplayer, if you want to catch up, and for those outside the UK you can find them on YouTube under the name ‘No Such Thing As The News’.


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