Happy New Year

     Happy new year. Bonne année. Frohes neues Jahr. Felice anno nuovo. שנה טובה 新年快樂 हैप्पी न्यू ईयर سنة جديدة سعيدة С новым годом.

     Apologies if I’ve missed your native tongue, I could obviously go on but I’m sure you get the message. None the less I wish you all the best for the coming year. May it exceed all of your expectations.

     It’s hard to believe that I’ve only been doing this for six months. It’s even harder to believe the amount of amazing drama that I’ve found.

     Before I started this blog, my listening list was just a handful of shows long, namely, The Infinite Monkey Cage, No Such Thing As A Fish, Atheist Apocalypse, and of course, everybody’s gateway drug to all things audio drama, Welcome To Night Vale.

     Six months on I am subscribed to 50 shows, and an ever growing backlog of new shows just as big! I have been blown away by the amount of amazing shows out there, and I’ve barely scratched the surface.

     So what has floated my boat since I stumbled down this rabbit hole? Which comedies have made me spit my coffee across the room, and what horrors have me diving for cover behind the sofa?

     If it’s comedy you crave, it has been a closely contested battle between several great shows such as the Wynabego Warrior, Wolf359, Hector Vs Future, and Wooden Overcoats. But for me top of the shop has to be Uncanny County. Horror and comedy perfectly blended together. You will either die of fright, die laughing, or most probably both!

     Until I started listening to podcasts, horror really didn’t creep me out. But there is something about listening to a show that is akin to reading a book. It lets you paint in the gaps, and there’s nothing scarier than your own mind to creep you out.

     For me, monologue is king, and there are some great ones out there like Sable, Mabel, Small Town Horror, and Spines, all of which hit the mark. Ghosts, demons, and flesh eating zombies all pale into insignificance when we talk of the all too familiar horror of the real life monsters, and that is why Diary of a Madman shines brightest with me. It is a mirror reflecting those dark thoughts we have but are too frightened to voice.

     Last but by no means least, we all need a little more sci-fi in our diet, and you can’t go wrong with You Are Here, (without which I wouldn’t have started this blog), ars Paradoxica, The Bright Sessions, and Tin Can.

     But if it’s bang for you buck you’re looking for, with a fully immersive show of massive 3D soundscapes, a futuristic sci-fi/noire storyline, jam packed with rich characters, then their can be only one. No, not Highlander, I’m talking about Edict Zero-FIS.

     So a new year is upon us, will it top the awesome sauce that was 2016? Only time will tell. What I can tell you is that I will have some more interviews in my ‘Behind the Mic‘ series, the latest of which was with Alex C Telander of Book Banter fame. We chatted about his just released drama Ostium, which you should definitely check out.

     Also, I’m having great fun with my new series, delving into the ‘History of Audio Drama‘. So you can expect a lot more this year.

     On top of that I have plans for a new series documting the arduous task of creating audio drama. News on that as soon as I’ve put the plan together.

     Once again I wish you all an amazing 2017, may it overflow with joy and happiness.



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