Audioblivious Productions…Wynabego Warrior

There be a stranger in town. Goes by the name of John Waynnabe. Got himself one of them there Wynabego recreational vehicles, and thinks himself a fella of upright standing; and I suppose he is…even if he does drink them there fancy lattes, and is a bit yeller an’ all.

The Tale Of John Waynnabe, is the story of a man who trades in his old Pinto and goes in search of the old western ways. Where men were men, women were women, and the cattle was scared.

It started up back in March (2016), and is ecstasy for the ears. So far we are three episodes in, and my thumb is itching to drop the hammer on that hip iron, some call my iPhone, for the next thrilling instalment.

With my hectic life, the only chance I get to consume podcasts, is when I’m out running, and occasionally I can’t run for laughing with this show.

Giving this five stars of the bat! I’m sure it will still live up to this, way down that dusty old track into oblivion.

You can find all the shows and links you need to pleasure your ears with this fine comedy on Facebook and Twitter. Or you can listen in, using this handy link to libsyn.

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I absolutely adore this fact based comedy show from the QI elves, and I think you might too. Click on the picture below to read my review of No Such Thing As A Fish.

My first ever horror/paranormal podcast review. You need to listen to The Black Tapes! 😵


Would you like to get to know the people who make these wonderful audio dramas? Then why not check out my interview posts by clicking the ‘Behind the Mic’ picture link below.

I have also just started a series of posts documenting the history of audio drama which can be found by clicking on the following link.


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