Behind The Mic… Austin Beach

This months interview features the creator of one of my favorite funny shows that I reviewed way back in the annals of time. I refer to Austin Beach of Audioblivious Productions and the story of the Wynabego Warrior. *eagle screech*


Why hello there you strong and handsome stranger. *bats eyelashes* Why don’t you come over and rest your weary head on my heaving bosom and tell me all about why you chose to do podcasting.

     “I have been an avid comic book reader all my life, so I’m a fan of serialized storytelling. When I discovered that modern audio drama existed, I foolishly thought, well how hard can it be? I can do that!”

Oh John… er, I mean Austin, your such a brave, brave man, just jumping into the deep end like that. *sighs heavily* Why don’t you tell little old me just how ‘hard’ it is! *blushes*

     “Well, before our first release, Natural Selection, we had been working on a different comedy series (which will probably never see the light of day). I had “finished” the first episode, and played it back for the guys and they all just looked at me like, “what the hell is this? This doesn’t sound good at all!” their look said it all, I had a lot to learn. It sounded horrible. It was waaaay to vulgar and filthy. Definitely “not for human consumption”. 

So you chalked it up to team building then?

     “Exactly! It helped me learn the process, it helped Scott find his writing style, and it really helped us all become comfortable behind the mic”.

“The first time I got behind the mic in front of these guys, I thought I was going to have a panic attack, (which I don’t have EVER!), and I’ve known them for more than twenty years”.


Why don’t you tell us all about your favorite shows.

     “First and foremost, the Audio Drama Production Podcast. it has been an invaluable resource for learning how to create audio drama. everything from what equipment to start out with, to creating believable characters”.

Such a great show! I’ve just started listening myself. I must admit, I’ve only been here ten minutes, so to speak,  but the idea of creating drama has me in its claws, and is dragging me kicking and screaming into it’s lair.

     “Campfire Radio Theater, the constant consistency of not only great production value, but the writing and voice acting are always top notch”.

     “Edict Zero FIS, I still can’t understand why this show doesn’t have a larger audience. In my opinion you wont find a better production when it comes to the depth of the sound design on this show… I mean, it’s insane. Also, another example of top notch writing and voice acting”.

Oh, I know exactly what you mean about FIS, such a great soundscape that really draws you into the action.


     Any future projects in the pipeline, or teasers you wish to share with your fans?

     “We are getting ready to release a new show called Video Game World News Tonight. It’s a newscast in a world where all video games share the same reality”.

     “Video Game World News Tonight is set for the first week in April, the first season is 7 episodes and will be released one a day, starting on a Monday through Sunday”.

When you say “we”, who are you referring to?

When I say we, I’m referring to myself, Scott Phillips, (primary writer), Mike Janson, Drew Profit, and Jeremy Hennessy, (voice actors). Who are all co founders of Audioblivious.

     “We also have a two part fantasy story, ‘The Shadow of Lavenhan’, which will hopefully be out mid March. Even though for now, its a stand alone story… I think it’s kind of epic.

You can check out trailers for both of these new shows over on the Audioblivious website. I suggest you do they sound awesome and I cant wait to listen.

     “And of course John and the gang will be returning for season two in May”.


Is there anything you would like to promote?

    “I would love to promote Pulp-Pourri Theater  and Koach Studios , a couple more shows that deserve a bigger audience. Pulp-Pourri theater is an anthology show, its a combination of old pulp stories adapted for modern audio drama, and original works with a pulpy feel. its fantastic. Koach Studios produces a show called the Fall, its the story of Lucifer’s exile from heaven, told from lucifer’s point of view. Dayn Leonardson, the studio head, is one of the most talented audio engineers I’ve ever run across. I also co-host another podcast with Dayn called Chasing Audible  where we bring on guests and brainstorm new story ideas for audio drama with the intention of submitting these productions to big companies like Audible for commission”.


Thanks again Austin for your time and effort, I know how valuable that is when you are so busy juggling all these productions. I wish you all the best with these new shows, and of course, Wynabego Warrior, and any future projects, that might be in the pipeline.

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