FateCrafters Studios Announcement

Last #AudioDramaSunday, (5th March 2017) FateCrafters Studios made an announcement. Namely that it had grown in members.

FateCrafters Studios Network is a group of independent production teams, that features more than ten of the best storytelling podcasts on-air. They have come together to collaborate, and share ideas on all matters of audio drama, be it storytelling, production skills, promotion, or acting. Their aim is to help and support each other in the creative process, so that they can bring you the best in immersive drama possible. From detective noir-to-science fiction, from horror-to-musical, comedy-to-classic theatre drama, FateCrafters has something for everyone’s taste. You can find more information on FateCrafters Studios on Facebook and Twitter.

As you may, or may not know, FateCrafters was set up in 2016 by Paul Sating, but due to heavy writing commitments, (namely three different shows, and a book or two), the project kind of took a back seat.


Fast forward in 15 second increments to the beginning of 2017, and we see a disturbance in the force. Namely that of Austin Beech of Audioblivious productions *eagle screech*.


“I had actually approached Paul about either starting a new network, or us joining FateCrafters”. -Austin Beech.


And so the butterfly flaps its wings. Tongues begin to wag, the ball begins to roll, and the hunt for the Maltese Parrot was on!

There was only one thing to do, so I put that to one side and I tucked my press pass into the ribbon trim of my trilby, donned my trench coat, and went in search of Paul and the gang to find out more about this collaboration.

“I wanted to find a cooperative group of audio drama talent I could be part of and didn’t find anything that fit what I was looking for, so I created it”.

“When Austin asked me about starting a network for independent artists, I offered up all the FateCrafters stuff I had previously put together”. -Paul Sating.


It turns out that the following night, Paul and Austin snuck around surreptitiously slipping invitations underneath the doors of unsuspecting folk from the world of audio drama. It took a little coaxing with a car battery and some jump leads to get the truth from them, but eventually they spilled the beans.


“We just invited a handful of shows that we really enjoy listening to. There were a couple shows that we invited that decided it wasn’t the right move for them, and we understand that”. -Paul Sating.


           With the thot plickening, I decided to search out some of the shows that have decided to take up Paul and Austin on their offer and get their view on the whole sordid affair.


So who makes up the FateCrafters Network? Which stars have aligned, to change the course of audio drama, and what did they have to say on the matter? (As usual, you can find more information on the individual shows by clicking on the pictures, and they will take you to the respective websites/feeds).

“When I first heard about this group forming up, I saw there were some highly talented people involved. I threw my my name in the hat to join and surprisingly, nobody has thrown it back yet”. -Steve Blizin. From Drift & Ramble Podcast

“I was a fan of Paul’s work, and when he offered me the opportunity to join the network, I was like, that sounds cool. And then he told me all the other podcasts he was reaching out to, I was like…did you make a mistake with my message? It was a really easy decision to make”. -Robert Chauncey From The Tunnels

“We are huge fans of effective collaboration and of artists supporting each other and raising each other up instead of regarding everything through the lens of competition. As a fan of the work of the other members of Fatecrafters, it was an easy decision to join! -Rhiannon McAfee From Rex Rivetter: Private Eye

“Paul reached out and I liked the idea of the project, I honestly wasn’t aware that podcast networks were a thing. Plus it gives me the chance to discover new podcasts”. -Jamie From Spines.

“Fatecrafters looks to be the best audio drama network out there. I’m proud to be a member, and I look forward to a very successful collaboration.” -Pete Lutz

Add to that the shows from Paul Sating:

And Austin Beech:

Coming soon:

Sprinkle in a handful of shows that are in development at the moment, that I am not at liberty to talk about yet, and you have the beginnings of the amazing collaborative network known as FateCrafters.

With all these new players in place, and the power of the press at my fingertips with Wh1te N0ize, and I am now poised to take over the world! Mwahahahaha!


Yes, that’s right folks, your humble narrator here at Wh1te N0izE has joined the network, and I will be bringing you all the news as and when it occurs!


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