Archive 81

     Can you help find Dan? Do you have any information that would lead to his whereabouts?

     Dan took on a new job of cataloging, sequencing, and digitising an audio cassette archive.

     Before he went missing, Dan sent over hours and hours worth of these recordings. They are to say, at the very least, strange and disturbing, and they are being played in the hopes that you can help.

     Any information you have, no matter how small, will hopefully lead to the whereabouts and hopefully the safe return of Dan.

     Please listen and help!

     Today, (January 18th 2017), sees the release of season 2, episode 1. If you haven’t listened to this show yet, then I suggest going back to the very beginning. Season one is just shy of three hours of audio, so you can catch up in no time, and be ready for the new release by lunchtime.

     Go check them out over on their website and Twitter for more information.


     Want to find more great shows like this? Then here’s a few recommendations. Just click on the picture links below to find out more.

     Discover what drives the creators of our favourite shows in my interview series ‘Behind the Mic’, and if you’re interested in finding out all about the ‘History of Audio Drama’, then click on the picture links below.


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