The Tunnels

     Underneath the small town of Griffin, Georgia lies a large network of tunnels. Above ground, there is an even larger amount of urban myths about these tunnels.

     Robert Chauncey, moved to Griffin to teach. He fell in love with the myths and decided to investigate them in a podcast.

     It doesn’t take him long to go down into the tunnels, and he’s out of there even quicker as he is chased out…by something.

     What lives in the tunnels? Why are some folks too scared to talk about them? What secrets will he uncover, and what does it all have to do with a cult that has locked itself away from everyone?

     The Tunnels is set out as an investigative podcast, much like the very popular PNW shows of Tanis and Black Tapes, so if you like those, I’m sure this show will float your boat.

     Season one is six episodes long, and all have been released so you’ll have plenty to get your teeth into until season two breaks in February 2017.

     Find out more about this show at, or just search for it at your podcatcher of choice.


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