Special Feature. Ostium

     Happy holidays to you and your families! I hope this post sees you well, and you haven’t overdone the turkey, or the booze for that matter.

     What will you be doing this time next week, the first day of 2017? Chances are you will be promising your liver a break for the next month. Or maybe you’re going down the gym to burn that holiday excess off.

     What ever you’re up to, you will want to check out the first episode of Ostium, the newest audio drama to hit the block, set for release on New Year’s Day.

     Ostium is the first audio drama project from author Alex C. Telander, but not his first podcast. You may recognise the name from the book review/interview show and blog, Bookbanter, and I have the pleasure of bringing you a pre launch interview. So without further ado…

     Q. Without giving anything away, what can we expect from this new world you’ve created?

      Ostium is a secret, hidden town located in the forests of Northern California. That is until Jake discovers its location and goes out to try and find it. Eventually he does, and he discovers a big rusty, iron gate. On the other side are lots of strange buildings, with strange doors all leading to somewhere special.


    It’s a serial story told primarily from the viewpoint of Jake Fisher, though there are other characters, but I don’t want to give anything away at this point. Jake is voiced by Chris Fletcher who is a good friend of mine; a talented musician, and has a great voice for podcasts.

We’ve collaborated on projects in the past and I was delighted he wanted to work with me on Ostium. In addition to being the voice of Jake, Chris also creates the interstitial music pieces for each episode.

GP Mckenzie has been helping with advice and feedback, she also made the teasers for Ostium. We also have plans for GP Mackenzie to write some mini-episodes.

This is our first time doing an audio drama, and so far we’re having A LOT of fun working in the medium.

     Q. What will the episode/season format be?

      The first season runs for 10 episodes, each episode being anywhere from 20 to 35 minutes. The Season 1 finale may be 45 minutes or longer, the script is over 6600 words!

‘It’s A Wrap!’ The team celebrate recording the last episode of season 1.

     Q. What shows would you compare this one to, who’s listeners would you expect to enjoy this show?

      It’s in the vein of a lot of popular podcasts right now like ars Paradoxica, Mabel, The Bridge, Tanis, and The Box to name a few. An ongoing mystery that draws the listener in. It’s also completely different from these shows, and any other podcast I’ve heard so far, which is why I’m so excited about it.

     Q. Care to elaborate on how it’s different?

     It’s a story line I haven’t seen crop up yet. Also I feel most of the podcasts I mentioned are more of a dramatic dialog type with characters talking and reacting to each other, whereas Ostium is all from the first person perspective, with a lot of it from Jake Fisher’s, so there’s a lot more descriptive writing with a full immersion in a place . . . and time.

     Q. What does it feel like as the release date gets ever closer? That your fantasy is about to become reality?

     I’m definitely getting a little more excited each day. With the teasers coming out. Team Ostium has put a lot of work into this project so far and it’s going to be great to release it to the world for everyone to hear and become a part of. Much like the release of a book in bookstores and online (I imagine; it’s still my life’s dream).

     I for one can’t wait for the new year, I’m looking forward to hearing this story unfold. Now let’s chat about your writing. Are there any differences in this story and your published work?

     I was born in Spain. My mother’s British, my dad’s Swedish, and I’ve lived for over 15 years in California. It took me a little while to look back at my writing as a whole and realize I’m often writing about someone who doesn’t feel they belong where they are and are often in search of a place they feel they belong. I don’t know where I get this idea from. And while it isn’t quite apparent in season one, I fully expect down the road to learn that Jake Fisher is on a similar quest. So, it’s not that different from my usual writing; my own personal theme is ever present, as usual, even though I never intentionally set out to write about it.

I have self-published two short story collections and a YA novel. My short story, ‘My Dark Genesis’ was published in the anthology ‘These Vampires Still Don’t Sparkle.’

     If you’re interested in Alex’s books, you can find them at his WordPress site.

     If like me, you can’t wait a whole week to hear what’s going on in the town of Ostium, then you can check out a couple of teasers at   the Soundcloud or iTunes sites. Be sure to subscribe while you’re there.

     For those of you who want to go that little bit farther, Alex informs me that the Patreon page will be going live on January 15th, with the release of episode 2. There you will find lots of exclusive goodies like mini-episodes, the original music for the show, transcripts of the episodes featuring a full-color cover and inside illustrations, and lots more.

     I hope you’re all looking forward to checking out this wonderful new show next week. Until then I’d just like to wish you all an excellent #AudioDramaSunday…erm…I mean Christmas and new year!



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