Anna Limon is a live-in carer for Sally.

     The job is great. Living in one of those huge old houses you always dream of owning, with more rooms than you can count, and lovely large gardens, complete with tree swing. The kind of house you always see on chocolate boxes.

     A box of Christmas decorations from the attic turns out to be a lot more than it should have been, prompting a lot of questions.

     Questions that are left upon an answer machine, unanswered.

     The answer machine belongs to Mabel, the estranged granddaughter of Sally. Why is she not answering her messages? Is she away on holiday? Is she ill, in hospital? Or is she there, on the other end of the line? Listening…but not answering?

     Mabel is an amazing atmospheric ride, told through a slowly unfolding story of telephone calls, that puts me in mind of ‘Alice Isn’t Dead’, and if you like that show, you will absolutely love this!

     You can find Mabel at all the usual haunts like iTunes, and Stitcher, or you can visit Mabel at the website.


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