Return Home

     In true horror form, our protagonist goes towards the danger. Yes you heard me right, TOWARDS the danger, instead of running the hell away from it! And I don’t mean, “Oh! There’s a strange noise coming from the basement of this haunted house were in, let’s go check it out!” Nope Jonathan Barker hears a dark and sinister voice on his phone, telling him to “Go home!” So he drives the entire length of the United States of America!

     What lies in wait when he gets there? What dark and sinister evil awaits him? Well, you’ll just have to listen won’t you! No point me telling you everything now is there?

     I will tell you this however. Everything gets tipped on its head two and a half minutes into episode three, when he first meets his life long friend Buddy. That’s when…when…

     Oh hell! Thats when the story jumps headlong into crazy, like it’s a nice big hot tub full of naked people drinking champagne, and thoughts of adult entertainment on their mind if you catch my drift.

     To be honest I wouldn’t be surprised if Ash Williams jumped out of a gigantic cake waving his chainsaw and boom stick around, singing ‘She’ll Be Coming Round The Mountain’.

     Suffice to say, this show has caught my eye, and I will be subscribing to this brand of crazy until the end of the world, or just that little bit longer if Jonathan and Buddy manage to save it.

     Now you go and have yourself some pleasant dreams now, y’hear.

     Check out the show at their website, or wherever you tend to get yourself a fix of audio drama.


     While your checking out this great show, why not take a gander at these similar shows. If you like the sound of Return Home, I’m sure these will tickle your fancy.



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