Neon Nights

     From futuristic Feds in last weeks Edict Zero-FIS, to old school Private Investigator, as this week I check out Neon Nights: The Arcane Files of Jack Tracer.

     Neon Nights could be straight from the pen of Dashiell Hammett, or Mickey Spillane, as this is classic old school detective noir, and the score, that slow, down beat jazz, sounds like the child of Angelo Badalamenti. A perfect dance partner for this genre.

     A PI in a trench coat and trilby, check. Cigarettes, check, smokin’ hot broads, check. A dark and seedy underbelly, secret society, and a murder or two, check, check, check. All this show needs now is a Maltese Parrot, a couple of nazi war criminals, and a dame in a red dress, draped over a piano, and Neon Nights is complete.

     If you like the old school detective noir, then you are going to love this. They have the genre down perfectly in every way.

     You can find Neon Nights nursing a whisky at the bar over on iTunes and all the usual haunts where podcasts can be found.


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