Edict Zero – FIS

     The last couple of reviews have been more what you would class as audiobooks. In contrast Edict Zero falls on the other extreme of the scale.

     FIS is a veritable cornucopia of sound, and after listening to SABLE and A Lost Winter, this was a major senses overload, which took a couple of episodes to become accustomed to.

     Like We’re Alive, this is one of the Grandaddies of the modern audio drama revival, first dropping into our ears in 2010, and yet it outstrips many of today’s podcasts with its stereoscopic soundscapes. This is the closest to 3D for your ears I have come across, putting you right there in the middle of the action.

     To then back that up with a killer soundtrack that is heavily influenced by my life long favourite artist Trent Reznor, and a large back catalogue of episodes, you can imagine this show is now my new BFF.

     The story follows a team of Federal Investigators put together to primarily get their troublesome personalities out of the way, under the premise of investigating a tenuous lead for a bomb blast on the eve of 2415. This lead however, appears to be coming up with the goods into finding out what really happened.

     You can find Edict Zero on all the usual pod catching apps or you can go direct to their WordPress account. Either way you should get this show in your ears!


      Why not check out some of these other great shows as well.



3 thoughts on “Edict Zero – FIS

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