By far, the goriest podcast I’ve had the pleasure of listening to. In fact one of the goriest works I’ve come across since Hellraiser was a thing, back in my childhood.

     Not your regular kind of podcast with mood music, and sound effects, this is more an audio book, but the author puts in 110% of himself into this story. (Yes, before you start attacking the comments section below, I know thats not possible). He just oozes passion…and blood…and viscera!

     This podcast goes to show you don’t need all the bells and whistle sound effects to engage and entertain an audience. Top marks Mr. Lloyd.

     “A dark and bloodthirsty tale of war”.

     To listen to this gorefest simply mosey on over to this libsyn pageiTunes, or the podcatcher of your choice.


     Fancy feasting on some more fantastic phantasmagoria?



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