Behind The Mic…Paul Sating

In this edition of Behind The Mic we are celebrating the first birthday, and the start of season three of Atheist Apocalypse by having a chat with its creator, Paul Sating. Executive director, and writer, he is also the creative mind behind the soon to be recorded Found, and co founder of along with Brian Bristol, the first ‘Behind The Mic’ celebrity I interviewed.

Paul, like myself, is a big Welcome To Night Vale fan, and this show is without doubt the driving force behind his leap into audio drama.

That show is goofy, comedic genius and is, rightfully so, very successful and inspirational. Those guys were not connected, or have huge Hollywood studios behind them, and yet they have millions of downloads, a book, and are consistently taking their show on tour around the world. Anyone interested in audio drama should really celebrate them. It’s definitely a story about the “little guy” triumphing.


KC Wayland’s We’re Alive, showed me the power of the platform. His show is an early, and still relevant, example of the power of this medium for storytellers. His show proved to me that podcast audio dramas could be so much more than audio books, and really showed me the potential of weaving a complex story beyond just dialogue and narration.

Paul has been podcasting since 2012, but working in audio drama is, as stated earlier, a relatively new venture, but he is sure making up for it.

Once I’d uncovered that dormant passion for writing, it just made sense to combine what I’d learned in the years of producing podcasts and my writing.

That led me in the direction of audio drama, where I found Night Vale, and I knew that was where I ultimately wanted to be. So I put the kibosh on my other projects and really buckled down and focused on this category. It was one of my better decisions of the past few years.

Let’s throw you a curve ball and say you never started writing or podcasting, what do you think you’d you be doing now if that were the case?

Wasting my mornings arguing on social media.  It’s simple, we all need an escape from reality.  The world is a tough place to exist and it’s our misfortune that we must exist in it. We all need to find a way to unplug and deal with the reality we’re faced with on a daily basis. For me, I create. It helps me deal with not only “the suck” that is the real world but also my own demons.  It’s very cathartic.

I cannot image…I don’t WANT to imagine, not writing, podcasting or creating.  That’s a scary proposition!

So when Paul isn’t working his fingers to the bone, creating the exciting drama we listen to, what does he listen to in his chill time?

Hello From the Magic Tavern, Limetown and Star Talk.  Those 3 get listened to as soon as they download into my queue.

So what does the near future have in stall for us, from this unstoppable mind? A hell of a lot it turns out!

Executive Producer Brian Bristol and I set up as the umbrella company for not only Atheist Apocalypse, but also his new show, You Are Here.  Both of these shows have choose-your-own-adventure elements to them, (for those of us old enough to remember that type of storytelling), so audience engagement is really the drive of those respective shows.


We have two other writers developing their own audio dramas, and I am in the process of developing a new thriller called Found. I can’t say much about it at the moment, but if I had to compare it to something your readers might be familiar with, it’s along the lines of “The Black Tapes” and “Tanis”, both of which are local shows for me and serve as excellent influences. This show is different to these wonderful shows though, in topic and approach. I currently have the first season written, and I am in the middle of casting.


I’m also writing two books, one non-fiction and one fiction. The first draft of the non-fiction is done and I’ve started the horrendous process of editing, (I really hate editing), and the fiction is 35,000-words strong & counting. It’s my hope to wrap up the first draft of the fiction by the end of the summer when I need to start writing season 4 of Atheist Apocalypse.

You can follow Atheist Apocalypse on Facebook and Twitter. FateCrafters Studios on Facebook and Twitter, and You Are Here on Twitter and Facebook.

The soon to be released Found Tapes can also be found on Facebook and  Twitter as well.

Want to go directly to a feed for the shows? Atheist Apocalypse can be found on iTunesiHeartRadioGoogle Play, and Stitcher. You Are Here on iTunesStitcher, and Google Play.


Would you like to get to know the other people who make these wonderful audio dramas? Then why not check out my interview posts by clicking the ‘Behind the Mic’ picture link below.

I have also just started a series of posts documenting the history of audio drama which can be found by clicking on the following link.


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