What is it about the deep dark woods of the Pacific North West? Something strange lurks there, always on the peripheral, something dark, something ominous; something us mere mortals should be afraid of, yet we chase all the more.

It is a mystery wrapped in an enigma, that some wish to keep hidden, and hold for themselves.

Even those that have seen it are still unaware of what it actually is. There are as many theories as there are crazy people trying to find it.

Tanis is an amazing show, and if you weren’t aware, it is the little brother of The Black Tapes podcast, and the amazing format has been duplicated here.

The Black Tapes is an amazing show, but for me Tanis pips it at the post. It’s the mystery. The Black Tapes appears to have shown its hand, where Tanis has its cards still firmly to its chest.

Take a stroll in the deep dark woods of the Pacific North West, and immerse yourself in the mystery that is TANIS!

Find out more about this brilliant show by visiting tanispodcast.com


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