Within The Wires

     Released today, (06/21/16), Within The Wires, is the creation of Jeffrey Cranor and Janina Matthewson.

     If you’re missing Night Vale because they’re on hiatus until August, then you will definitely want to listen to this!

     Starting off sounding like some new age relaxation tape, your parents might have listened to back in the day. And much like your parents, I’m sure a drop of LSD has been added, as it soon becomes much more than a relaxing trip through your mind.

     A dark and sinister undertone begins to bubble to the surface, (or maybe that’s just the acid I’ve taken), and this hippy relaxation tape becomes more like a Dharma Swan Orientation Tape.

     Listen to episode 1 by clicking on this handy link to libsyn.


     Check out some of my other reviews by clicking the handy picture links below.


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