Behind The Mic…Brian Bristol

Behind The Mic turns the spotlight on the people responsible for creating our favorite podcasts. To look at what influences the work we love so much.

Brian Bristol is the mind behind the latest science fiction podcast to hit the airwaves, ‘You Are Here’. It’s the first ever SciFi podcast with the old school twist of ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ (CYOA). For the Millennials among you, these tales, steeped in folklore, put you in control of the story, and the destiny of the characters; and Brian has been hooked for as long as he can remember.

So what is it that Brian loves to read? Who has had a major influence on shaping the imagination of this young man?

I’ve been reading R. A. Salvatore for as long as I can remember. Mostly Star Wars novels, but I’ve recently started dabbling in his novels about Drizzt of Dungeons and Dragons lore.

More recently I’ve been reading anything Patrick Rothfuss that I can get my hands on. That man is a true wordsmith. He builds his world up, but leaves just enough gaps for fans to be able to play with theories, which is a blast.

It would be remiss of me not to ask ‘why pod casting?’ His route, funnily enough, is similar to mine, and I’m willing to wager, it’s the same as many more.

Having children takes up a lot of your time, and as stay at home dads, there is no time for reading anything but children’s books, so it’s a hop, step and a jump from ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ to audio drama.

My partner Paul Sating put out a call for folks to work on a satirical comedy podcast he was creating, Atheist Apocalypse. I joined up as someone totally new to pod casting and just got swept up.

First I was writing for Paul, and voice acting several characters on the show. Then our producer had to leave the project because of his day job, and we were left with these scripts and recordings, and nobody who knew how to produce. Paul messaged me while I was at the Bronx Zoo with my kids in a panic, and I told him I would go home and learn how to do it.

Now we’ve just dropped the season 2 finale of Atheist Apocalypse, launched You Are Here and Fatecrafters, and I sit in the executive producer chair for all of our projects.

It’s totally amazing what you’re doing, but what if you weren’t writing and pod casting, what do you think you’d you be doing now?

Finding some new project or skill to learn. I’d certainly be listening to a lot more podcasts. That’s the downside of producing so much, I have less time to listen to other people’s shows.


It’s pretty obvious that everyone in the industry consumes podcasts, but I love to watch people agonise, trying to pick that top 3 all time favorites. I know I struggle, as it all depends on so many variables, and that’s why I always like to ask.

That’s a tough one. I’ll keep it in the Audio drama family as that’s where I’ve shifted to these days. I love the big shows, the genius writing of Mischa Stanton and Lauren Shippen. But, I also love the little guy like me.

For comedy, I’m going to have to say Audioblivious Productions. Especially the Wynabego Warrior stuff. There isn’t a lot of episodes out yet but I absolutely love their style. I wish I found them later so I could binge listen.

For thriller/horror It’s a tough fight between Small Town Horror and The Lift. But, The Lift is going to win. It’s the psychological creepy that I love.

For my favorite genre, SciFi, it’s a toss up between ars Paradoxica and Bright Sessions. I won’t choose and you cant make me!

So what’s in the immediate future for Brian projects wise? Has he got any tasty tit bits to share with the fans of his shows? Turns out he’s very candid, but still manages to keep us guessing.

You’re going to meet another character in You Are Here very soon. He is voiced by the lead writer on You Are Here, Dan Cocolla. He is working on a thriller show, but I don’t want to leak more than that. We also have a couple people who have submitted scripts to the network and we are working with them to get the ball rolling on their ideas. But there is a big variety coming up on

A big thank you to Brian for giving me the chance to interview him, and all the support he has given me here at #WhiTeN0izE!

I hope the ‘choose your own adventure’ style really takes to the hearts of everyone, it’s an amazing old school twist, and I for one am right behind you in this great adventure, as I know many are.

You can find all the links to subscribe to the feed for ‘You Are Here’ at Fatecrafters, and here are the social media links for Facebook,  Twitter, and Patreon.


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