Welcome To Night Vale

I’m sure most of my readers are well aware of this amazing show, and all join me in wishing them a happy 4th birthday, but it would be remiss of me to not include a review in my catalogue.

For those of you who haven’t been introduced to this local radio station, then now is the perfect time to binge listen to the last 90 episodes, before it returns in August.

Welcome To Night Vale is a quaint and charming little local radio station, with all the wonderful segments you’d expect from such a great show. There’s the community calendar, keeping you up to date with all the wonderful local events. Horrorscopes, a traffic report, for all you Night Vale commuters. News, cooking, and lots more besides. All hosted by a wonderful young man.

I don’t know a single resident of Night Vale that doesn’t enjoy the show. John Peters, you know, the farmer, he said “It’s the bees knees!” And then went on to say “Did you know, bees don’t have knees?” And then mumbled to himself, “Why do people think bees have knees?” as he walked off down the road scratching his head.

This little show, turned overnight success, now tours the world with stage shows, that even I haven’t been able to get tickets for!

Welcome To Night Vale is ‘the’ show that got me hooked to podcasts, and led to this very amazing moment where I dive headlong into the rabbit hole that is audio drama, and for that I hail the glow cloud, as should all of you!

If you don’t visit Night Vale then you are missing out on life itself!

For more information on this great show click on this link.

And now, the weather…


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