Small Town Horror

A dark, and frankly disturbing podcast, about a man who returns to his home town to clean up his fathers estate, and face the past that he’s been running from.

Ryan Jennings wasn’t about to return to Crazy Town, until he received some old VHS tapes which brings back the horrors of his youth.

Podcasting from the bottom of a bottle, seems to be the only way this story can be told after 18 years of running, and who can blame him.

I don’t know what it is, but horror is finally giving me chills. After listening to, and reviewing Small Town Horror, and The Black Tapes, I find the hairs on the back of my neck standing to attention. This coming from the man that laughs in the face of Freddy Kruger, taught Leatherface how to use power tools, and drinks beer with Pin Head and the guys in our local, the New Midian.

In contrast to the polish of Black Tapes, Small Town Horror is stark and chilling! It actually makes you question if this is a fictional podcast, or is taking place for real, in some small, unheard of backwater town of Minnesota.

Spine chilling!

If you dare to listen to this nightmare, you can find more information on the Small Town Horror website.


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