You Are Here…

Literally crash landing into our ears, this brand new sci fi looks set to entertain in a brand new…erm…old school format?! That is to say ‘You Are Here’ has the bragging rights to claim itself as the first ever ‘choose your own adventure sci fi audio drama’.

That’s right, I’m sure some of you may remember these old books from folklore, where after a brief introduction, the reader would be presented with a dilemma. Do I go left, down into the dark depths of untold danger below; (turn to page 5). Or turn right and follow the yellow brick road with the cowardly lion? (turn to page 13).

Well you, the listener, will get to choose how the story continues, every few episodes.

For extra sway in the story, 5 star iTunes reviews, and patronage earns you extra votes. The more you patron the more votes you have.

As its fresh off the blocks, I’m going to hold off on an in depth review until it’s got a little more mileage, but so far it’s five stars from me, especially for the annoying AI ‘Chip’, who I expect I will rename Marvin sometime soon.

Listen now on iTunes to Episode 1. There you will also find episode 0. Eight minutes of cutting room floor material from episode 1, that gives you a great insight into the back story, and what you can expect from future episodes.

Find out more on their Facebook, and Twitter feeds.

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