Welcome one and all to #Wh1TeN0iZe!

     As a relative newcomer to the world of podcasts, I have become hooked, and I would love to share this passion with you all…whether you want to or not. You WILL read my work, and listen to the podcasts I share! ALL OF YOU! Or so help me…YOU SHALL PERISH AT MY SWORD!

     Ahem. (Just ignore my other self).

     Podcasts give me the opportunity to listen to great comedy, chilling stories, news, science, and more, all while I’m on the run, literally! (I run by the way, and I may at some point ask you to send your hard earned money to the charity of my choice. As I rip the dead flesh from my poor aching feet. Because I’ve just ran a physically demanding, ludicrous amount of distance…far greater than any man before me!) And I absolutely love it.

     Here on white noise I plan on immersing myself even deeper into this world, to bring you news, reviews, and interviews along the way.

     If you’re new to podcasts, and would love to explore this wonderful world with me, or you’re looking for something new to spice up your listening, then stick around, I might just have what you need.

     If you’re a podcaster and you would like me to review your work,  share your latest ‘hot off the press’ news, or simply share your favourites, you can drop me a line at 01n01ze@gmail.com (that’s zero one n zero one ze), or dm me over on Twitter.

     Until next time, enjoy the reality you find yourself plugged into, and hope you don’t meet me in the flesh…


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